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Wer revolutionär sein will muss misandristisch sein hier eine nette Seite

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Wenn ihr Radikalfeminismus außer Antispeziesismus mögt und ihr kennt die.Wordpressseite von.bevjoradicalfeministwriting auf Wordpress. Dann habe ich hier noch wichtige Infos an Büchern und Artikeln für euch.

Hier in englisch: If you like bevjo radical feminist writing on wordpress then here are Books and Articles to share the knowledge of Dykes loving Dykes with others if the book/chapters on bevjoradicalwriting wordpress aren't available.

First you should search for Negative Utilitarism Philosophy then here are books to read. They are good to see how sick parasites males are

- Books by Janice Raymond

-Mary Daly's Gyn/Ecology

 - Helene von Druskowitz Pessimistic Cardinal Theorems/The Man as Moral Impossibility and as Curse of the World (original Pessimistische Kardinalsätze/Der Mann als sittliche Unmöglichkeit und als Fluch der Welt)

- Valerie Solana's Scum Manifesto (even if it suffered censorship and silly prefaces)

- Fantifa Marburg Women knitting the brown net (original Frauen stricken am braunen Netz, because Nationalism is cruelest part of Patriarchalism, and to much women support it)

- Hannelore Schröder The lawlessness of women in the constitutional state (Die Rechtlosigkeit der Frauen im Rechtsstaat)

- Verena Fiegl The War on Women (Der Krieg gegen Frauen)

- Ariel Levy Female Chauvinistic Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture

- Karim Akerma Antinatalism a Handbook (Antinatalismus Ein Handbuch)

- Peter Lehmann The chemical gag (Der chemische Knebel) and Kerstin Kempker's articles on the internet against psychiatry "antipsychiatrieverlag" She argues against "feminist" psychology/psychiatry too. Really wonderful.

 Important are articels on the web about Intersectionality (Intersektionalität) and the oppression -isms that harm females and intersex like Antifeminism, Lookism (among this I add Ableism, Adultism, Rassism) Speziesism (add Carnism), HeteroSexism (add Transsexualism/Transgenderism), Pronatalism/Optimism, National(social)ism, Determinism (Psychology), Transhumanism, Religion (Theism/Polytheism/Atheism if Atheism isn't Antireligiosity), Classism, Capitalism (forced to go to school, take jobs, to have income, without money no survive no luxury).  I think these are the important parts of Patriarchy, all of them work mostly together against females and intersex. All of them have rich men (industries) behind them. This parasitic mess is in every country and family and affects all that exists.

 The Antidote of this is build from Lesbianism (in separatist and radical Feminist way, add Misandrism, Antitransgenderism...), Antinatalism (in phases: first only males will be abortet and castratet, killed, second females produce only females trought partenogenese to become strong women that kill men and last no one procreates anymore), Antispeziesism (Veganism, you can't buy animals any longer), Antireligousity (or female-centered Religion only), Anticapitalism (become money 3000 or higher every month because you are born with vulva or not with penis (intersex), no forced school, no forced to a job/income, free living in houses with garden and apartments only if you are female or intersex, all capital only belongs to female or intersex people)... all of this should exclude male from this planet. The goal is to destroy males and that only females and intersex are alive. They will live happy together, have there own places everywhere.  Without the terrorization of males they grow old and strong and many years later dying out painless, (see Antinatalism).  

To note further say to Psychology that it harms females like porn, religion, nationalsocialism and economy all of this are menmade and a part of patriarchy. Without patriarchy psychology would not exist (Psychology is rape of the mind.) I know the story of a friend she was caged in psychiatry as teen one year only because she wouldn't go to school anymore where she was bullyed and in germany exist compulsory school (Schulpflicht/Schulzwang) until you where 10 years in school. The drugs those TheRAPISTs give children, teens and other powerless humans (even animals) is really dangerous. From this drugs they become ill. Dangerous is also this gaslighting, the verbaly manipulation. It doesn't matter if your Psycho is male or female, females in this job are absolutely men-supportive, so unbelievable hateful against females. In germany you can call them NazipsychotheRAPISTs or simply Mindrapists. They make money when they harm us and sadly have many followers (Trannies live from Psychology too). It's logical that men support this shit even when they are caged in psychiatry. But it isn't really understanable why women believe this male shit. They shit on themselves if they take this drugs or bring daughters into psychiatry/ in front of a Mindrapist.

Auf könnt ihr kostenfrei Fragen rund um die vegane und vegetarische Lebensweise stellen - auch ohne Anmeldung!

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